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Wedding Invitations scrolls in London, UK


     Southgate London, N14 6HF tel: +44 7928 715621 (UTC +00:00)

     by appointment only

     info@handmadepaper.eu      horizon.parchment@yahoo.com


Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:30



   Browse through -Our products- section. Select the items that you would like to order. Decide on things such as the colour and texture of paper, the colour of the the wax seal, etc. Download our Order Form. Fill it and send it to us. Using your personal details and all the information provided, we will be able to prepare a sample sheet of your order printed in the JPG format. Next, we will send it back to you by e-mail to give you a complete control over your order. The entire cost of your order will aslo be specified. Any of your suggestions about changes in our initial sample sheet are possible to be done.

  The sample sheet of your order can be sent to you by post. It costs E 5 or USD 7 or GBP 4.

  The time to fill in our order should not take longer than 2 and a half weeks (this includes about one and a half weeks to prepare the order plus another five days (roughly) meant for the postage).


Prepayment can be made into our bank account:
Lloyds Bank (Sort Code) 77-91-10 (Account Number) 36248863
or by PayPal:
(our paypal account: horizon.parchment@yahoo.com) pay

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  As soon as we have received the payment of the order in our bank account the items that have been ordered will be sent to our customer.


Sending the items that have been ordered by post.
Priority postal delivery should not take longer than 5 business days.
The cost of an average parcel delivery (up to 2 kg)
in Europe is roughly Euro 20;
in the USA: roughly USD 25, respectively.

       ----- CUSTOMIZE AND ORDER -----
1.  -Browse examples, colour and texture of paper, colour wax seal,...
2.  -Download our Order-form txt format or doc format or pdf format,
       wording - pdf format and wedding poems - pdf format
      Complete order-form and send to us by email horizon.paper@yahoo.com.
3.  -We prepare layout with your data & send it to you by email.
4.  -You accept final design & submit payment.
5.  -After Your acceptance we start to realize Your order & send it to You
             (about 2 weeks).


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