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          We offer a range of very original parchment wedding invitations. They are meant to look as if they were made in former times, combining moderation in the choice of ornaments with the natural beauty of the material they have been made of. Their extraordinary and original appearance is bound to make your special wedding day become even more exceptional.
          These invitations can be rolled up and tied round with a string and a wax seal to look like an ancient parchment scroll with a king seal. An invitation like that can also be folded up in three and put in an envelope.
          All our products are printed on the highest quality parchment paper.


Our prices (Euro):


A4 hand made paper sheets, scroll or folded style with particular type of invitation print included

E 1.70


stamped on invitation or with short pieces of ribbon or rope (folded style)
separate seal attached to the ribbon or rope (scroll or folded style)

E 0.75
E 1.25


a print with a quest's name

E 0.50


an envelope made of decorative paper matching your A4 folded invitation sheet
an envelope made of hand-made paper matching your A4 folded invitation sheet

E 0.50

E 1.40


a decorative cardboard tube with a wax seal and piece of string (it's made up of two parts fitting each other and can easly hold an A4 invitation sheet)
a decorative cardboard tube with two gold bottoms
the dust-jackets

E 4.60

E 3.40
E 1.20


an added photos on your invitation sheet are available in three different colours: sepia, black and white, colour one
burning edges of your invitation sheet

E 0-0.50
E 0.60


Our prices (USD)


Our prices (GBP)


1. Gothic Style
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Gothic Style wedding invitations

The language stylization and the graphic layout are reminiscent of late gothic, and are perfectly compatibible with the natural beauty of the hand-made paper that is used.

Format A4; color and texture to be chosen..
2. English Style

Old English-wedding-invitation

Old English Style wedding invitations

Fine and posh handwriting that looks as though it has just been written by a skilled calligrapher. Gilt initials are used to make it look even more sophisticated. All of it is meant to give your invitation a quality of a top rank document. There is also a stylized musical notation of a part of the famous "Wedding march" by Mendelssohn printed on the back page of the invitation.

Format A4; marble texture highly recommended.
3. Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde-wedding-invitation

Barn Style wedding invitations

The invitation refers to a medieval French romance that takes its favourite motifs from Celtic legends such as the well known love story of Tristan and Isolde.

Format A4; gunny or canvas texture particularly recommended.
4. Cinderella


Cinderella wedding invitations

The invitation combines discreet elegance of ornaments with a light and frivolous style. It was designed particularly for people who do not find themselves very fond of being ceremonious.

The print colour is maroon or black.
Format A4; paper color ecru or white; marble texture.
5. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet-wedding-invitation

Romeo & Juliet Style wedding invitations

A letter of invitation representing Elizabethan style.

Format A4; paper color ecru or cream; smooth texture.
6. Modern style


Modern Style wedding invitations

This invitation is made in a dreamy and modernistic style for people with a sophisticated taste.

Untypical format 17,5 / 30 cm;
7. Baroque


Baroque Style wedding invitations

This invitation is written in a baroque style.The idea of such an invitation has become popular all over the world winning many young couples' hearts.

Format A4; color ecru; smooth texture.
8. Castle Invitation


Castle Style wedding invitations

This invitation is meant for people who know how to derive pleasure from life and do it with real chivalrous fantasy, and at the same time neither take things seriously nor get offended easly. No wonder that the invitation is not only dynamic but also accompanied with changes to the pace and mood, ranging from romantic parts all the way to perverse ones, at times becoming even ceremonial. To cut a long story short, it is impossible to find this kind of invitation anywhere else.
Format A4; canvas texture highly recommended.
9. Theatre


Theatre wedding invitations

This time our invitation looks like a play-bill with a light, witty text. It has been translated into different languages making people admire it all over the world. Format A4; here we recommend dark, aged paper in this case. (the edges of the sheet of paper are slightly burnt).

one-way-ticket-NEW YORK TIMES-wedding-invitation







We aslo make a number of different invitations or other prints related to various celebrations or occasions such as: christening (baptism), the holly communion, jubilees and many others.


1.  -Browse examples, colour and texture of paper, colour wax seal,...
2.  -Download our Order-form txt format or doc format or pdf format,
       wording - pdf format and wedding poems - pdf format
      Complete order-form and send to us by email horizon.paper@yahoo.com.
3.  -We prepare layout with your data & send it to you by email.
4.  -You accept final design & submit payment.
5.  -After Your acceptance we start to realize Your order & send it to You
             (about 2 weeks).

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