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        The feast is a necessary part of every event. In order to run smoothly, it has to be well-organised. For that, you will need a table plan, place cards, table names or numbers and menus.




        Menus are available in A4 and A5 formats. A4 Parchment cards may be folded or scrolled and tied with ribbon or rope. Wax seals may be included as well. A5 may be lay flat or become a little scroll. If you want something fancy, we have an option of a menu with wooden elements.
Traditional menu (folded)
        A4 cards may be folded like a notebook or vertically (elongated sheet). Inside is the detailed list of the courses or only an indication. We also make multilingual menus if that?s what you are looking for (name of a dish and translation or separate menus on both sides). Outside would be your names and a date of the event. We can add table numbers or table names as well as stylised graphics.
Scrolled menu
        On top of the scroll we may place greetings for your guests as well as a thank you note. It is also possible to print your guest?s name on the menu instead of printing it on a separate place card. The list of the courses would be printed inside. We can also include your names and a date of the event. Table numbers or table names as well as stylised graphics may be included in the menu.


old stylished menu and stationery

gothic wedding menu


english style wedding menu


Table plans

        A3 format or wider () or a set of small cards for individual arrangement. First, you need to decide whether you would like to simply number the tables or give them stylised names. This helps simplify the table plan and the interior space. While numbering you may also use alphabetic order: guest?s surname, then name and a table number. This order is the easiest to read and organise.
Numbers or names on separate cards
Numbers are the simplest solution. On the table plan it would read 'Table number 1/2/3/etc.' and the list of guests grouped for the specific table.
You may use names of castles, well-known historic events, cities or even music pieces. They will add the charm, quirkiness and character to your wedding. This will be even more effective if you place the names on menus and maybe even add the graphics that suit your theme. These elements will add up to the mood of your wedding.


old English style wedding invitation

Renaissance wedding invitation

old English invitation



Place cards. Various cards and forms
- all the little notes you may need at your wedding

         Traditional folded place cards in parchment
The edges may be burnt and dipped in wax to create a vintage look. For individual guests or couples - you decide. You can also choose between using full names or just first names. The table number may be placed under the surname and the back of the card may include a thank you note or a menu selection chosen by the guest.


Tristan wedding invitation

Tristan and Isolde-wedding-invitation

Tristan & Isolde wedding invitation

Tristan & Isolde invitation


Thank you cards in various sizes and styles

        They can be sent out or given to the guests after the wedding or after the honeymoon.
Traditionally sent out by mail in a form of text and a wedding photo. We produce these in A4 and A5 formats folded in half.




 Cinderella invitation



Order of service (programme of the day)

         Elaborate plan can be printed in a form of an A5/A6 booklet or a simple schedule in a scroll. This product can be a beautiful souvenir of your wedding.

Romeo & Juliet wedding invitation

Romeo & Juliet invitation


Romeo and Juliet-wedding-invitation

Romeo & Juliet-wedding-invitation


Wedding Vows, Certificates of marriage (A4, A3 or non-standard format)

        They can be used as a decoration of your house after the wedding or as a souvenir.


modern wedding invitation


modern style wedding invitation

modern style wedding invitation


Guest book

Wedding Guest Comments Book.

        The book consists 25 hand-made paper pages. It has wooden covers and the front one is personalised. It comes with a bottle of ink and a quill-feather to write comments with.

I-st Intro page:

"May this book?s pages that seem to have come from the past,
capture your memories of the present,
and serve as a reminder of our special day in the future."

II-nd Intro page:

"Dearest Guests,
These particular words of yours, hearby written in your hand,
when read many years from now, are bound to make us feel moved
and remember all these moments spent with you.

Thank you very much for travelling to be with us, for your well wishes
and for making today one of the most memorable days of our lives.

While taking a break from the festivities, please write a few words here,
to help us remember today?s atmosphere for many years to come.

                                   Jane & Thomas"

or send us your own wording.

Baroque wedding-invitation


Baroque invitation

Baroque wedding invitation





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